Nutrition Counseling & Food Therapy


Nutrition Counseling consists of your therapist analyzing and understanding what your body needs to function at its best, and working together with you to create an individualized nutritional plan to support your optimal health and wellbeing.

Think of the food you eat as the fuel that you put into your body, much like the gas that you put into a car. Low grade fuel means that your body will not function at its best. You may find yourself feeling tired or foggy, or as though you are constantly dragging. Fueling your body with foods packed with high nutritional value will support your overall health and help you to enjoy each day to its fullest.


Knowing what your body needs and what will work with your lifestyle can be tricky. This is where we step in! Here at All Things Natural, your individual overall wellness is taken into account when developing food plans. Your plan is designed specifically for you and your lifestyle, taking into account things such as your career, children, travel, time constraints, and tastes. We work with you to help you feel positive about your nutritional choices, making sure that what you eat supports your optimal health and wellbeing in your unique life situation.

We also provide Food Sensitivity Testing to see if there are any possible food or environmental allergies you may be sensitive to. With these results, we are able to build an even more specific and specialized plan for you.

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  • Initial consultation - $70
  • Nutrition plan and follow up - $45